The reasons I’m starting this anonymous and personal blog

In my professional life I’m very confident and outgoing, and in my personal life I’m very straightforward, open and honest. I never really have any problems and on the surface I seem very with it.

But underneath that, I can get anxious just like anybody else. I think my anxiety is actually quite bad, and although I can hide it completely, it does build up inside me and sometimes can create issues, where it all comes out, sometimes in drinking binges.

So that’s the main reason I want start this blog, to talk about any stress I have and to try and head off any problems perhaps before they happen a bit better. I’m thinking that if I can put things on paper then I can get them out of my head, consider them and put them to bed so that I can rest more easily.

Professionally, I’m a freelance negotiator, which means I negotiate on behalf of companies to get better deals for them with new clients. I’m now working with a company who are trying to negotiate with a Russian firm, that’s quite tricky because of the language barrier, I will probably talk about that more soon because that is definitely something which is making more anxious, I haven’t really had to deal with foreign language companies that much.

I do have a wonderful support from my wife and most of the companies I work for our very supportive as well, so I do feel very pleased and blessed with how things are for me, but I just worry that if I let things bubble under the surface for too long that they could explode at some point and it could cause me trouble. I’m not saying that blogging is a miracle cure, but what I am saying is it may just help me to spot if things are getting worse than normal.

Anyway, that’s a bit about me and the reasons for starting this blog. I will probably ramble on a bit and I have to apologise because I’m not really writing this blog for anybody else’s benefit, if somebody get something out of it that’s great, but if nobody else on earth reads it, that’s cool as well, it’s all about me getting things out of my head and into the open.