A little bit about me and my foreign business translation job

I’m a negotiator, a freelance contract negotiator. I specialise in foreign business negotiation, English language companies working with other language companies.

I have a little trick which I keep under my hat, to help me with these negotiations, I make the initial contact by phone, because it is very rare that I have to meet the people involved.

Then I will tell them that we will keep everything to email, or email attachments, basically everything in writing so that we are both clear on what is being said, this reassures the potential new clients but also helps me.

Then what I do is I use a translation service. For example I’m doing a deal with a Russian company at the minute on behalf of a client. So I’m using an online Russian translation service to professionally translate the text.

So what I do is I write on email, and get that text translated into Russian using the Russian translator service. Then when they reply, I get it translated into English so that I can understand exactly what they are saying. By doing that I get to understand completely what is going on in a two-way conversation without any ambiguity.

It is only a small investment on my part, but it means that I tend to close better deals more quickly because although the actual negotiations can be strung out a bit longer because of the delays, there is less of an issue when it comes to draft contracts.

So as I say, at the moment I’m dealing with a Russian company, and I’ve just sent the initial email away to the Russian translation service to be put into high quality Russian translation. So that will get that ball moving.

It’s a really interesting job, and basically I have to be on my toes a lot to make sure I’m getting the best deal for the company and working for, there is a lot of communication required and you have to understand everything that is going on, but I’m pretty good at that and I am proud of the work I do. I know my wife is proud of me as well, and I know that we both like the lifestyle that my wages bring.