I had a strange knock on the door today

I often work from home, that’s the joy of being freelance. As a contract negotiator I get to work wherever I want mostly, sometimes I have to visit offices to discuss things with my clients, but mostly I work virtually.

Which is great, and it means that I can move around do I want a lot of the time. For example I’m doing a deal with a Russian company on behalf of a client at the moment. A lot of it is quite straightforward, the only thing is having to use a Russian translation service to make sure that we are speaking the same language if you get my meaning, and that is slowing things down. It means a lot of the time I merely passing things to the Russian translator to be translated, then sending them off, then getting them translated back into English from Russian.

Which means I can do that on my phone on the move, which is great as a means I can do what I want for hours each day.

I was at home and I had just sent an email to the v when I got a knock at the door. There was a guy standing there and he said he was from the electricity company. He had a suit on and identification. He said he had come to read the meter. I told him that we had a smart meter and we don’t have meter readings at the moment, and he was surprised, he looked at a sheet of paper and said he had been told he needs to read my meter.

I became bit suspicious and I said I wasn’t going to admit him into my house until I had spoken to someone at the electricity company. I said I would call them and then let him in. I shut the door and called the electricity company, and they said there were no meter readers in the area. I went back to the front door and he was gone.

Now I don’t really understand what he would have gained from getting into my house to be honest, because unless he is going to overpower me and steal a few things, it seems a high risk strategy. If he was going to case the joint, he could probably do that just by watching when we left the house and then looking through the windows, so I really don’t understand what was going on, but obviously there was something very suspicious about it. I reported it to the electricity company and the police.