The lost evening in the park I can never get back

After tea tonight I did a bit of work. I had the latest translation back from the Russian translation service I’m using, translating email text from English to Russian that I want to send.

So I emailed the text from the Russian translator over to the Russian company I’m negotiating with, and hopefully I will get a reply back in the next few days, which should pretty much put me close to asking to move to draft contract.

I was feeling good and my wife and children were occupied so I thought I would take the dog for a walk in the park.

I let her off the lead in the park and she ran off and went straight off into the woods that border the park and didn’t come out.

I think she must have seen something on the edge of the woods and chased in. Anyway, she didn’t come out and I ended up having to wait in the park for an hour. I didn’t want to go into the woods because it was getting a bit gloomy, I didn’t want to fall over and hurt myself in the gathering darkness.

When I had just about given up hope, and it was getting almost dark, she suddenly appeared next to me from another direction. I think she must have gone all the way round the park and come in back through the main gate. I think perhaps you might got lost.

So I wasted the best part of an evening which was really frustrating, but at least the dog was okay. My wife was very bemused how I turned a 20 minute walk into a 2 1/2 an hour disappearance.

But pleasantly, when I got home, I already had a reply from the Russian company. That’s great, because it means I can get moving, so I uploaded the text to the Russian translation service I’m using and once I understand what I’ve said to me, I can hopefully can move to contract.