The Russian contract is almost in the bag

I’m really pleased sitting here writing this today. I haven’t done a lot, but things are moving along nicely with this Russian negotiation I’m doing for a new company.

The translation they sent has come back from the Russian translation service I’m using, and it’s really great news, they have agreed to everything we have discussed and are ready to sign a contract.

So I have just finished getting a contract created and that has been sent off to the Russian translator to get it translated into accurate Russian. Once that is done, I will then send it over to them as a PDF attachment, for them to look at. They will then agreed to it, and also sign it and send a post copy back as well.

Then we are all the done. And that will be my commission in the bag. I get a really good commission to sealing the deal, some really pleased that this Russian contract will be a big one.

I want to go on holiday, we have been on holiday for almost a year because of work and life, so like to go away somewhere really nice and have a really nice holiday with my family. I feel we all deserve it and this extra money will allow us to do that.

I think also might get the house done up a bit, things are getting a bit tatty, and we have put off doing a few things just because we want to get some money in the bank, as we had to invest quite a bit a few years ago. But with the amount of deals I’m closing at the minute it shouldn’t be a problem any longer.

The secret of my success is the fact I’m sealing these foreign deals. Companies don’t want to pay lots of money to hire translators, so by passing the negotiations on to me they believe are passing on that cost, but all I’m doing is using an online translation service, to translate from what ever language to English and then back again. So like an instance of the latest deal, from Russian to English, and then translated from English to Russian again.

Is cheap and accurate, and the companies don’t realise that that’s all I’m doing.