Time to take a little look at my lifestyle before it’s too late

The first thing I want to say is that I’m really pleased. The Russian deal has been sealed. I used the Russian translation service I always use it to get the draft contracts sorted out and translated, and it was sent off for approval.

There was one small change, which I had translated into Russian and added it to the document, using the Russian translator, which has now been sent off, returned and it’s all signed.

So I passed it all onto the company I have been negotiating on the behalf of and they are really pleased, and my commission should be on the way pretty soon.

Which is really great and I love the fact that my little translation service trick works were any language are negotiating, it’s a little edge that I have over other companies who negotiate and it’s cheap as well.

But in other news, I’m now looking at myself and I’m not happy. My lifestyle has not been good over the past few months and I’m putting on weight. On top of that I am also not doing much exercise, and I feel like I am sliding a bit. At my age I really need to keep on top of things, because once your physical health slides as you get older, it can get increasingly difficult to recover it.

So now that I have got some time and the pressure is off financially for a few months, I’m going to focus on my physical health a bit more. I’m going to look at my diet, I’m going to cut out all the rubbish and try to eat more whole grains, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, and cut out carbohydrates.

I don’t belong to a gym but I think I’m also going to go running a bit, just to do some cardio exercise, and then I’m going to do a few weights at home as well. I think doing this a couple of times a week will help me to keep age at bay and help me to feel a bit better going forward. I suppose you could say this blog post is a beginning the contract with myself.