Time to take a little look at my lifestyle before it’s too late

The first thing I want to say is that I’m really pleased. The Russian deal has been sealed. I used the Russian translation service I always use it to get the draft contracts sorted out and translated, and it was sent off for approval.

There was one small change, which I had translated into Russian and added it to the document, using the Russian translator, which has now been sent off, returned and it’s all signed.

So I passed it all onto the company I have been negotiating on the behalf of and they are really pleased, and my commission should be on the way pretty soon.

Which is really great and I love the fact that my little translation service trick works were any language are negotiating, it’s a little edge that I have over other companies who negotiate and it’s cheap as well.

But in other news, I’m now looking at myself and I’m not happy. My lifestyle has not been good over the past few months and I’m putting on weight. On top of that I am also not doing much exercise, and I feel like I am sliding a bit. At my age I really need to keep on top of things, because once your physical health slides as you get older, it can get increasingly difficult to recover it.

So now that I have got some time and the pressure is off financially for a few months, I’m going to focus on my physical health a bit more. I’m going to look at my diet, I’m going to cut out all the rubbish and try to eat more whole grains, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, and cut out carbohydrates.

I don’t belong to a gym but I think I’m also going to go running a bit, just to do some cardio exercise, and then I’m going to do a few weights at home as well. I think doing this a couple of times a week will help me to keep age at bay and help me to feel a bit better going forward. I suppose you could say this blog post is a beginning the contract with myself.

The Russian contract is almost in the bag

I’m really pleased sitting here writing this today. I haven’t done a lot, but things are moving along nicely with this Russian negotiation I’m doing for a new company.

The translation they sent has come back from the Russian translation service I’m using, and it’s really great news, they have agreed to everything we have discussed and are ready to sign a contract.

So I have just finished getting a contract created and that has been sent off to the Russian translator to get it translated into accurate Russian. Once that is done, I will then send it over to them as a PDF attachment, for them to look at. They will then agreed to it, and also sign it and send a post copy back as well.

Then we are all the done. And that will be my commission in the bag. I get a really good commission to sealing the deal, some really pleased that this Russian contract will be a big one.

I want to go on holiday, we have been on holiday for almost a year because of work and life, so like to go away somewhere really nice and have a really nice holiday with my family. I feel we all deserve it and this extra money will allow us to do that.

I think also might get the house done up a bit, things are getting a bit tatty, and we have put off doing a few things just because we want to get some money in the bank, as we had to invest quite a bit a few years ago. But with the amount of deals I’m closing at the minute it shouldn’t be a problem any longer.

The secret of my success is the fact I’m sealing these foreign deals. Companies don’t want to pay lots of money to hire translators, so by passing the negotiations on to me they believe are passing on that cost, but all I’m doing is using an online translation service, to translate from what ever language to English and then back again. So like an instance of the latest deal, from Russian to English, and then translated from English to Russian again.

Is cheap and accurate, and the companies don’t realise that that’s all I’m doing.

The lost evening in the park I can never get back

After tea tonight I did a bit of work. I had the latest translation back from the Russian translation service I’m using, translating email text from English to Russian that I want to send.

So I emailed the text from the Russian translator over to the Russian company I’m negotiating with, and hopefully I will get a reply back in the next few days, which should pretty much put me close to asking to move to draft contract.

I was feeling good and my wife and children were occupied so I thought I would take the dog for a walk in the park.

I let her off the lead in the park and she ran off and went straight off into the woods that border the park and didn’t come out.

I think she must have seen something on the edge of the woods and chased in. Anyway, she didn’t come out and I ended up having to wait in the park for an hour. I didn’t want to go into the woods because it was getting a bit gloomy, I didn’t want to fall over and hurt myself in the gathering darkness.

When I had just about given up hope, and it was getting almost dark, she suddenly appeared next to me from another direction. I think she must have gone all the way round the park and come in back through the main gate. I think perhaps you might got lost.

So I wasted the best part of an evening which was really frustrating, but at least the dog was okay. My wife was very bemused how I turned a 20 minute walk into a 2 1/2 an hour disappearance.

But pleasantly, when I got home, I already had a reply from the Russian company. That’s great, because it means I can get moving, so I uploaded the text to the Russian translation service I’m using and once I understand what I’ve said to me, I can hopefully can move to contract.

I had a strange knock on the door today

I often work from home, that’s the joy of being freelance. As a contract negotiator I get to work wherever I want mostly, sometimes I have to visit offices to discuss things with my clients, but mostly I work virtually.

Which is great, and it means that I can move around do I want a lot of the time. For example I’m doing a deal with a Russian company on behalf of a client at the moment. A lot of it is quite straightforward, the only thing is having to use a Russian translation service to make sure that we are speaking the same language if you get my meaning, and that is slowing things down. It means a lot of the time I merely passing things to the Russian translator to be translated, then sending them off, then getting them translated back into English from Russian.

Which means I can do that on my phone on the move, which is great as a means I can do what I want for hours each day.

I was at home and I had just sent an email to the v when I got a knock at the door. There was a guy standing there and he said he was from the electricity company. He had a suit on and identification. He said he had come to read the meter. I told him that we had a smart meter and we don’t have meter readings at the moment, and he was surprised, he looked at a sheet of paper and said he had been told he needs to read my meter.

I became bit suspicious and I said I wasn’t going to admit him into my house until I had spoken to someone at the electricity company. I said I would call them and then let him in. I shut the door and called the electricity company, and they said there were no meter readers in the area. I went back to the front door and he was gone.

Now I don’t really understand what he would have gained from getting into my house to be honest, because unless he is going to overpower me and steal a few things, it seems a high risk strategy. If he was going to case the joint, he could probably do that just by watching when we left the house and then looking through the windows, so I really don’t understand what was going on, but obviously there was something very suspicious about it. I reported it to the electricity company and the police.

A little bit about me and my foreign business translation job

I’m a negotiator, a freelance contract negotiator. I specialise in foreign business negotiation, English language companies working with other language companies.

I have a little trick which I keep under my hat, to help me with these negotiations, I make the initial contact by phone, because it is very rare that I have to meet the people involved.

Then I will tell them that we will keep everything to email, or email attachments, basically everything in writing so that we are both clear on what is being said, this reassures the potential new clients but also helps me.

Then what I do is I use a translation service. For example I’m doing a deal with a Russian company at the minute on behalf of a client. So I’m using an online Russian translation service to professionally translate the text.

So what I do is I write on email, and get that text translated into Russian using the Russian translator service. Then when they reply, I get it translated into English so that I can understand exactly what they are saying. By doing that I get to understand completely what is going on in a two-way conversation without any ambiguity.

It is only a small investment on my part, but it means that I tend to close better deals more quickly because although the actual negotiations can be strung out a bit longer because of the delays, there is less of an issue when it comes to draft contracts.

So as I say, at the moment I’m dealing with a Russian company, and I’ve just sent the initial email away to the Russian translation service to be put into high quality Russian translation. So that will get that ball moving.

It’s a really interesting job, and basically I have to be on my toes a lot to make sure I’m getting the best deal for the company and working for, there is a lot of communication required and you have to understand everything that is going on, but I’m pretty good at that and I am proud of the work I do. I know my wife is proud of me as well, and I know that we both like the lifestyle that my wages bring.

The reasons I’m starting this anonymous and personal blog

In my professional life I’m very confident and outgoing, and in my personal life I’m very straightforward, open and honest. I never really have any problems and on the surface I seem very with it.

But underneath that, I can get anxious just like anybody else. I think my anxiety is actually quite bad, and although I can hide it completely, it does build up inside me and sometimes can create issues, where it all comes out, sometimes in drinking binges.

So that’s the main reason I want start this blog, to talk about any stress I have and to try and head off any problems perhaps before they happen a bit better. I’m thinking that if I can put things on paper then I can get them out of my head, consider them and put them to bed so that I can rest more easily.

Professionally, I’m a freelance negotiator, which means I negotiate on behalf of companies to get better deals for them with new clients. I’m now working with a company who are trying to negotiate with a Russian firm, that’s quite tricky because of the language barrier, I will probably talk about that more soon because that is definitely something which is making more anxious, I haven’t really had to deal with foreign language companies that much.

I do have a wonderful support from my wife and most of the companies I work for our very supportive as well, so I do feel very pleased and blessed with how things are for me, but I just worry that if I let things bubble under the surface for too long that they could explode at some point and it could cause me trouble. I’m not saying that blogging is a miracle cure, but what I am saying is it may just help me to spot if things are getting worse than normal.

Anyway, that’s a bit about me and the reasons for starting this blog. I will probably ramble on a bit and I have to apologise because I’m not really writing this blog for anybody else’s benefit, if somebody get something out of it that’s great, but if nobody else on earth reads it, that’s cool as well, it’s all about me getting things out of my head and into the open.